It’s always difficult to put words on how we feel. Often, we express ourselves in terms such as: headache, fatigue, distractedness, nightmares, lack of confidence, not able to love, jealousy, aggressiveness, nervous (breakdown), burnout, depression, etc. Instead of treating those symptoms, by talking this over without prejudices, we’ll reconsider these obstructions in one’s unique life story, in such a way that the troubles will alleviate, or finally disappear.

Where is the practice situated?


The conversational therapy offers two different approaches towards one’s own speech. Face to face, we’ll rather face a conversation with the therapist in which our focus will be more oriented to immediate effects. Laying on the couch, an in-depth exploration of the discourse will take place, with more significant effects in the long term. In the course of time, one’s not limited to one of both compositions; the point of view is a matter of free choice.

What kind of subjects are treated in this practice?


2016-02-29 16.53.42 (2)Jens Anthoons is a clinical psychologist acknowledged by the commission of psychologists and additionally trained as psychoanalytical psychotherapist. At the moment, he’s continuing his permanent training at the Belgian School for Psychoanalysis.

Professionally, for 10 years, Jens Anthoons has been occupied as a mental readiness advisor for the operational soldier: before, during and after operations abroad. In his private practice he receives anyone who wishes to express him- or herself about any difficulties or other.

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The office is situated in Brussels (Ixelles), Stephanie Square 6. The acces door is located in the entrance, second on your left. By public transportation you are near Louise (Subway 2, 6) and Stephanie (Tramway 92, 93, 94, 97).


Let yourself be inspired by a bespoke psychotherapy within which anyone has the possibility to openly express him- or herself  on any topic that occupies his or her mind. From reality to fantasy, important is that nobody feels limited in his or her own speech.

How does a consultation work?